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Complete refurbishment is a term that you might have heard of before if you are planning a major renovation project for your property. However, many homeowners still don’t fully understand what it entails and how it differs from a regular renovation. Complete refurbishment involves a complete overhaul of your property and entails more than just a simple upgrade or modification. In this ultimate guide, we will explore everything you need to know about complete refurbishment, including the various stages, the benefits, and what to expect from a reputable refurbishment company like Build Works.

Stages of Complete Refurbishment

Stage 1: Initial Assessment

The first stage of complete refurbishment is the initial assessment. This involves a full inspection of the property to evaluate what work needs to be done. At this stage, a professional refurbishment company like Build Works will carry out a detailed survey of your property, including examining the condition of the structure and infrastructure, identifying any defects or issues, and figuring out solutions to correct them.

Stage 2: Planning and Design

The planning and design stage of complete refurbishment involves creating a detailed plan and design of the refurbishment work to be carried out. This is where your refurbishment company will work with you to understand your needs and vision for the property and advise on the best course of action. During this phase, you will receive an outline of the refurbishment work, including scheduling and budgeting.

Stage 3: Complete Refurbishment

The third stage entails the actual refurbishment work. This includes dismantling, restructuring, redesigning, redecorating, and upgrading the entire property, including infrastructure, the main building structure, and any electrical and plumbing systems. Complete refurbishment might also involve installing new HVAC systems or upgrading the security systems. A reputable refurbishment company like Build Works will ensure that the work is done correctly to professional standards, and all installations are properly done with the appropriate certification paperwork.

Stage 4: Finishing Touches and Handover

The final stage of complete refurbishment is the finishing touches and handover. This is where the property is set up for the new owner or tenant and handed over. The refurbishment company will take care of the final touches, such as the installation of appliances, fixtures, and fittings, as well as finalizing any necessary paperwork and ensuring that all certificates are in order. Afterward, the owner or tenant will receive a handover pack that details all aspects of the refurbishment work.

Advantages of Complete Refurbishment

A complete refurbishment has numerous benefits that make it a worthy investment. These include:

  1. Complete overhaul:
    Complete refurbishment involves an overhaul of the entire property, ensuring that every aspect of the property is worked on and brought up to fresh standards.
  2. Increased property value:
    Refurbishing a property increases its value, which means that you can recoup your investment by selling the property for a higher price.
  3. Energy efficiency:
    Complete refurbishment usually includes upgrading the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, which makes the property energy-efficient, thus reducing utility bills and minimizing environmental impact.
  4. Time-saving:
    Complete refurbishment is time-saving. Instead of carrying out renovations piecemeal, complete refurbishment gets everything done in one go, minimizing disruptions to your daily life.
  5. Customization:
    A complete refurbishment offers you the opportunity to customize your property according to your unique tastes and preferences, thus making it your dream home.

Disadvantages of Complete Refurbishment

  • Cost: Complete refurbishment is a significant investment that can be quite expensive, depending on the size of your property and the features you want to replace.
  • Time: Complete refurbishment can take several weeks or even months, depending on the extent of the work involved.
  • Inconvenience: Living in your property during the refurbishment process can be quite challenging, as there may be noise, dust, and other disruptions that can interfere with your daily routines.

Cost of Complete Refurbishment

Complete refurbishment comes at a cost due to the comprehensive nature of the work. Still, reputable companies such as Build Works ensure that the investment is well worth it. The cost of refurbishing your property depends on multiple factors, with location, size and the choice of materials playing a significant role. However, with a well-constructed project, the finished result is priceless.


In summary, complete refurbishment involves a complete overhaul of a property, bringing it up to modern standards. It offers numerous benefits, including increased property value, energy efficiency, time-saving, and customizability. At Build Works, we specialize in complete refurbishments for both residential and commercial properties, and we offer end-to-end solutions for your refurbishment needs. Get in touch with us today to get started on your project.

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