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The residential enhancement, building and construction market have come a long way.

Your home may have suited all your requirements, yet as time passes families grow or circumstances change you can outgrow your home.

You may consider the time is right to think about expanding or improving your existing home.

Moving to a bigger residence may be a possibility however you might not want to experience all the stress and disruption that come with relocating!

The alternative for many is to extend their existing home creating additional space and adding value.

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Consider transforming a loft area or garage into an added space. Having a standalone annexe built from the ground up. Or by planning an extension to change the internal dimensions.

At Build-Works we are experts in creating the additional space you require in your existing home.

We provide the absolute best construction quality and end finish so you can be assured you will have the home you desire. You will find quality, professionalism and client inclusion through out every project we carry out. Collaborating to accomplish the perfect home is the Build-Works experience. We are a business that takes great satisfaction in our high-quality craftsmanship and finish regardless of the intricacy of the project.

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Utilising sub-standard elements is high-risk endeavour and in the long term can be expensive, as further down the line things may need to be rectified.

We get the most valuable basic materials that have been tested and sourced from trustworthy providers.

Following this policy is the only method to guarantee an excellent quality build. Quality materials might cost a little extra yet to utilise anything else would certainly weaken the whole build.

When you work with Build-Works you have the guarantee of knowing that– ‘quality and affordability’ are our ethos. A plan that gives you the guarantee, that there is no compromise on materials to be utilised on your project.

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Quality Building and Construction

Quality building and construction is essential since it can provide you a guarantee that your home can stand up to the test of time.


Since they last for a longer period, it saves you money in the future since they will not be requiring a replacement any time soon. When you utilise low-cost materials, you can not anticipate obtaining a top quality result. Picking high quality materials will certainly offer you top quality building and construction finish. It provides you a detailed warranty against possible issues and failings. Quality has always been specified in securing superb outcomes. Developing a home is a very vital job as it protects the entire family against the external environment. So, when it concerns your home, quality building and construction is a must.

While the building and construction work is essential; the high quality of the finished work should be taken into priority. A house project that is well prepared will certainly be able to deliver an outcome that fulfils, if not surpasses, the client’s expectations. It additionally helps reduce the construction costs because there will be no back-jobs or reworks; therefore, decreasing the waste.

An additional factor to consider alongside quality structural materials is that they are environmentally friendly also. With the risk of worldwide warming as well as environment adjustment, the building industry as well as others are currently tailoring in the direction of utilising items that are all environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, top quality construction implies the project meets the state or the country’s bylaws and requirements. To put it simply, the customers are guaranteed that the task is in accordance with the building planning and design. No building and construction delays or mishaps because the project is progressing according to the moment frame, and the safety and security of the workers is stressed during the planning stage.

Finally, top quality building might define lots of methods. Yet the most crucial meaning of high-quality construction finishing is accomplishing complete consumer satisfaction. The client are the most important judges and their complete satisfaction will pay dividends.

Local Designers

At Build-Works we are fortunate to work alongside some of the best local designers. We are well-placed to advise on the appropriate designer in a particular speciality to take your concept and transform it into a functioning space for you to enjoy.

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Every project is different, and that is one of the biggest reasons you should plan when preparing for your building project. However, you still must tick off some key steps to make it an easy and successful experience. Learn all the important stages to your building process so that you know exactly what to do and how to complete it correctly. Your building process may be as simple and quick as a walk in the park, or as complicated as a professional construction job.

A building project that is completed in the right way will go over smoothly, with minimal headaches. The good news is that every project starts out with a planning stage. Planning your next building venture should begin with you understanding the basics of your project and putting together a detailed project plan. This plan will help you create a comprehensive and workable set of plans that you can use.

When writing out your plan, you must identify the four main elements of your project. These are the budget, timelines, target audience, and design. These are critical stages and must be understood well before the start of your project. It is also wise to take a look at the design aspects and identify what specific parts or departments you are working on. By identifying these, you will know exactly where to start your construction. After you have done this, you have to plan out the building itself.

You also need to put together a schedule for each and every major construction milestone. Be realistic with your plans and work within your own time limitations. The timeline of your project will allow you to plan out how long each stage will last. You also need to determine the cost of each stage and the materials to be used. This will allow you to plan your construction accordingly.

As your design is being created, be sure to consider all the major parts of the project. You will have to identify all the buildings and features that are necessary for a successful construction. These include windows, electrical wiring, plumbing, and lighting. All these areas need to be planned out and accounted for. Once you have established these essential areas, you will want to identify any extra features that will need to be added later on. For instance, you might decide to add additional rooms to your building to accommodate extra personnel or more clients. Once you have all these aspects figured out, you can now move on to the finishing touches.

The final stage in your project will involve the actual building itself. This includes everything from building foundations and framing to roofing and flooring. If you have a professional building company helping you out, they will be able to guide you through all the details of the final steps. In the end, everything should be completed with no delays and little to no errors. When your building is complete, be sure to thank your contractor for his or her work.