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Do not move if you love your location! If you have outgrown your home yet love your location it is time to extend. Today it’s much easier than in the past to develop the trendy House extension, totally outfitted home health club, orangery relaxation room or open-plan living room for family gatherings and events without limits. Party Wall Surveys & Services In Antrim

Integrate this with a refurbishment of the rest of your house and you may feel like you live someplace completely brand-new without having to move.


Buildworks Are The Leading Supplier Of Home Extensions

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Build-Works are a premier kitchen and home extension construction team. We are experts in a wide range of effective bespoke home extension tasks; designed to expand your space and rejuvenate your home, throughout.

With a house extension, you might make more space for a growing family or include value to your residential property. Our extension layouts are created with your demands in mind and our certified, experienced home extension builders and can bring them to life in a matter of weeks.

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Planning to Extend Your Home?

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How about a bespoke home Extensions that is additionally a dining room? Would you like a breath-taking kitchen orangery extension instead? Whatever your reason for requiring more space, Build-Works has it covered.

Our thermally effective and regulation-approved parts are precision crafted off-site for a fast, fuss-free and classy modular extension that’s comfortable, welcoming as well as flooded with light.


Cost-Effective House Extensions with Build-Works

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Home expansions or kitchen re-design are relatively affordable as well as extremely flexible. In the current monetary climate, with residence costs remaining to increase, numerous households are merely evaluating the marketplace for a brand-new residential property. Thankfully, a home extension, whether this is a kitchen area, wrap-around extension, level roofing system, back or side expansion can offer you with the additional room needed at your existing home. House expansions can build an enhanced home without breaking the bank, so contact our home expansion builders today.

Time Managed

Certainly, while home or cooking area expansions are economical in contrast to house acquisitions, they still require a lot of initiative and a reasonable quantity of time from the first website study to the décor in the completed area. That's why we pride themselves on giving the simplest, most extensive house improvement and domestic expansion structure service available to you. Our Build-Works hired architects have considerable experience operating in kitchen extensions, in addition to extensions and additional floors. We work very closely with Authorities and pride ourselves in getting all accepted in a timely manner.

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Generally we prepare an on-site visit to comprehend your vision and get a feel of the space we will certainly be prolonging your home. We then go back to the drawing board and also provide you with a couple of initial draft suggestions, which we are positive will offer you with the inspiration to know your distinct vision.

If this sounds of interest, you can ask for a cost-free quote today contact us to review your job.

Our detailed technique delivers the finest outcomes that are truly individual, transforming your ideas right into spectacular areas.

Home Extensions For Every Homeowner's Needs

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All our customers have been pleased with our services, which is a clear indication that we are leaders in our field. One advantage that our clients have is that we can help with every aspect of a project from the very beginning.


Unlike many other building companies, our qualified employees have the required technical knowledge and skills to change the property into a dream one!


Another extension that a person might want to consider is a new living room. This extension will provide an individual with an entirely new living space for entertaining guests and friends. This extension also provides a person with a larger space to enjoy and relax in. These types of additions are also extremely popular among families who would like to have a separate den or playroom in their home.

The bathroom is another type of home extension that a person may want to consider. This type of extension will provide the homeowner with a larger area to wash and dry their hair. It can also provide a person with a completely different feel when using the bathroom.

Finally, a person may want to consider a room addition to their kitchen. These additions will not only allow for additional counter space, but they will also allow for a larger area of the workspace. This area of workspace will offer a person more room than in a smaller kitchen. These rooms are also immensely popular among professionals who wish to have additional workspace.

No matter what the type of home extension a person might want to consider, there are many options available for these extensions. By taking the time to research and consider which house extension will be best suited for the homeowner, they will have the option of purchasing the perfect house extension for their needs.

There are many types of homes that can benefit from home extensions. For instance, many people may wish to purchase extensions for their home if it has been recently built. These extensions will allow a homeowner to enjoy a brand-new look to the exterior of the home.

Also, some people may want to consider adding an extension onto their homeowner’s property if they are planning on selling their home. This will allow them to enjoy a completely new look and feel to their home while still paying the same mortgage amount they had to pay in the original construction of the home.

In all cases, a house extension should be considered when a person wants to change the entire appearance of their home. These extensions will allow a person to have a new living space to enjoy and a new view of their property.

When buying or designing your house, it is important to think about what your home could look like in the future, and one of the best ways to do this is to add on extensions. Extensions are used to extend the length of your house and to make it look more attractive. If you live in a large house and you are looking to enhance the curb appeal, extensions are definitely a good way to go.

A house extension comes in various materials and styles. Some are designed to be decorative, while others have a practical purpose. One of the most common materials used for extensions is wood. Wood is an extremely attractive and durable material that will last a long time and will look great in your home as it ages.

Many people who have extensions placed in their home choose wood for these reasons. When you install wood in your house, it will add beauty and style to the exterior of your home. Wood can be made into many different styles, so if you want a particular style of wood, then you can find it. This is a type of extension that looks very natural and that blends well with the rest of your home. The wood can also last for an exceptionally long time, which is good if you are looking to add a few extra years to the life of your home.

If you do not want to buy wood, there are other types of materials that you can use. Vinyl is a popular type of extension that looks very real. The vinyl can be installed to cover any area of your home and give it a unique look. Another popular option is metal extensions that look great with a lot of different styles of homes.

You can choose from a variety of colours when choosing which house extensions to buy. These types of extensions can be a combination of wood and metal, or they can be made from an incredibly unique material. You can also find many different styles of extensions that have different textures to them. A lot of people use these, because they feel like they give their home a different look.

Another reason that home extensions are becoming extremely popular is because they can be used for many different purposes. They can be used to extend the size of a house, give it a new look, or they can even be used for privacy. If you have an enclosed porch or you have an attic that you want to keep open, but you don’t want people peeping in, then house extensions are perfect for your needs. You can also use these to make a room look larger or to improve its overall appearance.