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Exploring Extension Procedure by Build Works Rojales

Build Works is a leading provider of extension services in Rojales, offering a wide range of services to help you build a better future. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service, ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standards. We specialize in all aspects of extension services, from planning and design to construction and completion. Whether you’re looking to extend your home or business, Build Works has the expertise and experience to make it happen.

Vision and Consultation

The journey begins with a personal consultation where Build Works’ team listens carefully to your ideas and requirements. This step is crucial in shaping the direction of the project, ensuring that the envisioned extension aligns with both your lifestyle and the essence of Rojales.

Design and Blueprint

The design phase is a collaborative effort between you and Build Works’ expert designers. They translate your concepts into detailed blueprints that not only encompass the layout of the extension but also its integration with the existing structure.

Regulatory Approvals

Before construction begins, Build Works takes care of the necessary permits and approvals. Adhering to regulations, this step ensures a smooth and legally compliant process.

Construction Commences

With plans in hand and permits secured, the construction phase kicks off. Build Works’ skilled craftsmen bring the design to life, utilizing their expertise to seamlessly meld the new extension with the existing property.

Transparent Communication

Throughout the construction journey, Build Works maintains transparent communication. You’re kept informed about progress and developments, ensuring that the project remains on track with your expectations.

Quality Control and Final Flourish

As the construction nears completion, rigorous quality control measures are implemented. Build Works’ meticulous attention to detail guarantees that the finished extension not only meets but exceeds industry standards. The final touches are added, transforming the space in Rojales


Extension services by build works in Rojales

Single-Storey Extensions

Build Works’ single-storey extensions seamlessly expand your living space while creating a harmonious connection between the old and new. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy lounge area, an open-plan kitchen, or an elegant dining room, Build Works ensures that the extension blends seamlessly with the existing architecture of your home.

Double-Storey Extensions

For those with grander visions, Build Works offers double-storey extensions that add a new dimension to your home. These extensions provide the opportunity to add extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or functional spaces on an additional level. With their mastery in design and construction, Build Works ensures that the double-storey extension enhances both the value and functionality of your home.


Build Works’ conservatories allow you to embrace the beauty of Rojales while enjoying the comforts of indoor living. These extensions serve as serene retreats flooded with natural light, creating a seamless connection between your home and the surrounding landscape. A conservatory can be transformed into a tranquil reading nook, a vibrant indoor garden, or a versatile space for relaxation.

 Loft Conversions

Build Works’ loft conversion services transform unused attic space into functional areas. Whether you’re in need of an extra bedroom, a home office, or a creative studio, a loft conversion maximizes your home’s potential while maintaining its exterior charm.

Garage Conversions

Build Works specializes in converting garages into valuable living spaces. Repurpose your garage into a guest suite, a home gym, or a recreational area. This innovative approach enhances your property’s functionality and value.


Build Works’ sunrooms are designed to bring the outdoors in, providing a sunny retreat within your home. These extensions are perfect for enjoying natural beauty year-round, while staying sheltered from the elements.

Basement Conversions

Build Works offers basement conversion services that tap into the potential of subterranean spaces. Transform your basement into a cozy lounge, a home theater, or a spacious playroom. This unique approach maximizes your home’s footprint and offers a retreat from the heat.

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Advantages of Build Work’s Extension Services in Rojales

  1. Increased Living Space
  2. Enhanced Property Value
  3. Customized Design
  4. Seamlessly Integrated Extensions
  5. Efficient Project Management
  6. Personalized Solutions for Rojales Living


At Build Works, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service for all of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to helping you build a better future with our comprehensive range of extension services. Whether you’re looking to extend your home or business, Build Works has the expertise and experience to make it happen.