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Want To Build Your Own Villa?

Do You Want to build a villa

Do you intend to construct a property of your own in Spain?

Step 1 To Building your own villa –
Let’s begin with your property.

The majority of the time, say 20% of the plot, is where you can build.

Therefore, a large plot is required if you want a large villa.

Verify the plot’s and the surrounding plots’ spatial arrangement.

Consider the viewpoints.

Look at the potential properties’ formats: High? Large?


Check the permitted and prohibited activities in that area or city:

Mediterranean, contemporary,…

Is the place developed or undeveloped?
If not, you will need to install sewage, street lighting, utilities, etc., which could result in additional costs.

Is your land parcel exact?
How about its actions?
A specialist will confirm it if there is any uncertainty.
(around €400)

Step 2 To Building your own villa – Invest in land

For the local authorities to register the plot and establish the legal act, you must pay a local tax of around 2% in addition to the applicable VAT.

Step 3 To Building your own villa – Locate a designer

You could find a decent architect here if you’re looking for one:
Stop looking further; we located it!
Your dream home in Spain, designed by an architect!

This architect has projects going on all around Spain and has even started working on a few projects in Europe.
Your designer will:

first draught of the project to be created

with the local authorities, request approval for the project’s construction.

The tax for permission ranges between two and three percent of the works’ price.

examine the authorization

Typically, 10% of the total cost of building goes toward the architect.

own villa

4. Contractor

You might get support with this phase from your architect.
You must evaluate various contractors.

Verify the companies’ financial standing, and of course bargain for the greatest all-inclusive pricing.
Verify any warranties and request a detailed payment schedule.
Of course, you will be required to pay the 10% VAT on the works.
The architect’s role is to do this.
You ought to have technical control over the website at the conclusion.

5 Get your villa delivered.

You’ll get a certificate of compliance. Additionally, you will require the licence for the first profession for which you must pay taxes. The property will first be under the jurisdiction of the local government before being delivered by the contractor.

Finally, you will receive a number of Certificates for your utilities.

You must see the notary to obtain the “Escritura de Obra Nueva,” which contains a detailed description and appraisal of the newly constructed property. In the Register of Properties, it will be listed. You’ll have to pay a tax of between 1.5 and 2 percent for this act.

The contractor needs to be covered by insurance for the next ten years. If not, you should consider getting insurance.

Do you want a newly constructed home but feel it would be too much labour to build it yourself?



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