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House Extensions - What Do They Cost?

You can buy a parcel (parcela) and have a custom-made house constructed to your requirements or to a home builder’s basic design if you desire to live away from the bustle of the city.

Constructing a residence is not, however, recommended for the timid.

Structure your very own house might be a nightmare and also teems with issues in Spain due to the extreme red tape and frequently strange business practises.

Nevertheless, there are lots of superior home builders who will certainly either offer you a parcel as well as develop a home of your deciding on from a range of standard layouts or that will construct a home on your tract that is individually planned.


When taking into consideration a certain location, you need to talk to neighborhood as well as federal authorities about their medium-term facilities plans for that location.

It’s important to bear in mind that Spain’s roadway and also rail infrastructure needs enhancement in numerous regions and that a variety of brand-new roadway and also rail projects are in the works.

This may suggest that, even if a relaxed country parcel appears to be miles far from anywhere currently, plans might exist for a freeway to go through the plot’s boundaries throughout the next five to 10 years.

This holds true, for example, with the toll-motorway proposed in between Torremolinos and Las Pedrizas in Malaga, which will go across a substantial area of excellent countryside at the moment.

Check out airport plans also to learn where flight paths will certainly go.

Castellón (Costa del Azahar) has an airport terminal under advancement, and Antequera (Malaga, 2010) and Corvera have actually flight terminals intended (Murcia, 2009).

Info on framework growth over the following ten years is normally offered, but sadly lots of long-lasting plans are either not accessible to the public or they might modify.

When acquiring land, you need to utilize the same care that you would when buying a home.

The most critical factors are making certain the plot allows enough and also acceptable for the house you want to develop, and that it has actually been permitted for construction (property classed as a finca urbana can commonly be created on).

To accomplish this, you need to obtain a certificate from the city center (certificado de situación urbanstica). Building on finca rstica (ranch land) might likewise be allowed, yet there are tight restrictions on plot as well as building sizes (the minimum story that can be improved is usually 3,000 m2 and also might be as high as 10,000 m2 and even 15,000 m2 as in the Balearics).

In some areas, there are restrictions on the type of buildings that are permitted.

The agreement needs to define that the strategy has been authorized and include the day as well as the authorization authority if the plot is a part of an urbanisation.

This details (informe urbanistico) is offered from the town hall in your area.

Spanish building ordinance must be observed.

Never ever presume that you will certainly have the ability to develop the very same sort of residence as your neighbors since laws can change over time or depend on the situation and also sort of plot.

Some websites are unsuitable for building due to the fact that the terrain is too steep or the structures would certainly be prohibitively pricey.

It is important to talk with a designer that can recommend you on whether the site is suitable for building on as well as whether you will need expensive preserving wall surfaces or structures.

Prior to purchasing, you need to also undertake a land study, which can cost between EUR1,800 and also EUR4,200. A survey can also verify the water civil liberties and property lines (rural stories frequently include basically land than is officially declared).

Additionally, see to it there are no building-restricting blockages like high-tension high-voltage line, pipes, or right of ways.

If a plot isn’t along a paved road, it’s an excellent suggestion to think of the access to it. Winter season rainfall is often torrential, turning countless tracks into impassable mud and even totally cleaning some of them away.

You must seek comprehensive advice from a professional (ideally a legal representative) before acquiring land, particularly in backwoods, who ought to extensively examine the problems and laws governing the land.

Never ever believe a homeowner or estate representative who is eager to sell you a plot and also asserts that getting preparation clearance will certainly be “no trouble.”

Foreign buyers are all also often the pleased proprietors of a rustic land that they are not able to create!

Always make gaining construction approval a need for buying land, if in all feasible.

It might be very expensive to supply solutions to a residential or commercial property in a remote rural area, as well as it needs to have a consistent water.

See to it the supply is sufficient for your requirements if you need to depend on sources besides the mains water supply, such as wells.

Keep in mind that the majority of southerly Spain experiences droughts throughout the months of May with September.

Constantly obtain written confirmation of the ability to create on a tract from the city center in your area.

Obtaining a structure authorization in Spain
Prior to purchasing land for building and construction, ensure the acquisition agreement is conditional upon obtaining the needed structure permit (licencia de obra).

Obtain a confirmation stating that the story is precisely listed in the property registration (registro de la propiedad), as well as confirm for yourself (don’t leave it to the builder) that the appropriate planning authorization has actually been obtained.

You might have to pay added to upgrade the local infrastructure if the preparation authorization is defective, or the home might even need to be demolished!

Likewise bear in mind that obtaining planning clearance can take a while.

The majority of home builders supply packages that cover both the expense of the home and also the building and construction of a home.

You need to search about as well as examine private land and building costs as opposed to merely buying the structure plot from the contractor that will certainly be constructing your residence.

If you do intend to acquire a residence from a building contractor in a plan, you need to demand different contracts for the building and also the land as well as receive the home’s title deed before authorizing the building and construction contract.

If a home is being built on an existing urbanisation, it is essential to verify that the urbanisation has been allowed due to the fact that some are forbidden.


The price of land varies significantly depending on the region, for instance, from concerning EUR50 to EUR300 or even more per square metre (m2), and also has actually raised dramatically in some areas lately as a result of speculators.

Nevertheless, farming residential or commercial property can be unbelievably inexpensive in rural areas, with costs per square metre as low as a couple of euros.

In many places, it is still possible to get a plot of land and construct a larger and also nicer house for less than the price of a resale home, despite the fact that land generally makes up as much as half the expense of constructing a house.

You might design your house and also guarantee that the products and also building and construction are of the highest possible calibre by developing it on your own.

In resort locations, building expenses could range from EUR700 to EUR1,500 (or even more) per square metre, relying on the locality as well as high quality.

Nonetheless, given that the price of developing a residence is constantly higher than initially expected, you should include an extra 10% to 15% to the anticipated cost. Bear in mind that work costs might raise substantially if your plot lies in a remote area where you will likewise require to spend more for product transport. Structure land (terreno urbanizable) is subject to a 16% value included tax (INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTARY AGREEMENT) and a 7% IVA on building and construction expenses.

If you want to develop a garage or a pool, it is best to do so simultaneously with the construction of your home, when IVA is just 7%; if you do it independently, individual voluntary agreement is 16%.

Discovering a building contractor and also engineer in Spain

Obtaining referrals from trustworthy citizens, such as a financial institution manager, estate agent, attorney, notary, or neighbours and buddies, is advised when searching for an engineer and also home builder.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that considering that they could be paid on payment, experts such as estate agents may not always be the very best choice.

In addition, foreigners at area bars and also homeowner in a neighbourhood you like can be a wonderful source of information.

In the essential vacationer destinations, there are Spanish architects who talk English in addition to engineers from various other EU nations.

Engineers’ charges are generally based as a proportion of the general job prices, typically in between 5 and 10%, which prevents them from finding methods to conserve cash.

There are no longer minimal charges that should be paid by engineers, so you might be able to work out a suitable bargain.

The credibility (and also financial standing) of the contractor is one of the most crucial element to consider when selecting a new house.

A proficient designer needs to be able to suggest a variety of trustworthy builders, yet you should also conduct your own study.

It is the designer’s responsibility to assure that the builder finishes the work in conformity with the plans and specs, hence you need to be dubious of a designer that has his “own” contractor (or a contractor who has his own designer).

Check out the other homes the home builder has built, and also ask the proprietors concerning any kind of problems they’ve had or if they’re pleased.

In Spain, constructing top quality varies substantially, so you shouldn’t automatically believe that the most affordable rate is the best offer.

The online reputation and also liquidity of the home builder are your finest kinds of insurance coverage when creating a building.

To secure you on the occasion that the building contractor defaults prior to finishing the building and its framework, the building contractor should offer a “termination” warranty (backed by a bank or insurance company), which have to be defined in the agreement.

If you desire a residence built specifically to your needs, you have to either oversee it yourself at every phase or work with a technological engineer (aparejador) or architectural engineer to complete it for you.

It’s really possible that your orders will not be carried out without constant monitoring. Around 70% of a designer’s fees are payable when construction starts, with the continuing to be balance becoming due after the building is completed and the city center or regional government has released the “certificate of new work” (certificado de fin de obra nueva), the “permit for the very first occupation,” as well as the declaration that the residence is habitable (cédula de habitabilidad).

Before you sign a contract, you need to request written quotes from a couple of home builders (presupuestos).

Good insulation (versus cold and heat) and defence versus humidity must be among a home’s top-notches in Spain.

The contract needs to specify the precise place of the building on the story, the structure and also settlement routine, which must be made in stages according to constructing progression, a fine condition for late conclusion, the retention of a percent (for example, 5 to 10 percent of the building prices as a guarantee versus defects), and also just how disagreements will be solved.

Given that structures are seldom finished on schedule, maybe tough or difficult to convince the builder to approve a charge condition for a late conclusion.

Make certain the contract covers all expenditures, such as the engineer’s fees (unless they are acquired individually), landscaping (if appropriate), all permits and licences (consisting of the expenses of land segregation, the affirmation of brand-new structure, and also the straight department for an area residential or commercial property), and the connection of energies (water, electrical power, gas, and so on) to the house, not just to the structure site.

Commonly, the only additional cost is the cost of the water and electrical power metres.

The “tax on construction, setups, and job” (impuesto sobre construcciones, instalaciones y obras), which is billed on all job requiring a community permit, is likewise the obligation of the owner.

The tax obligation, which may be due when the city government problems the building permit, ranges from 2 to 4 percent of the work’s price.

It’s an excellent concept to have a building expert validate the justness of a quote before approving it.

You should validate that the quotation– which should include individual voluntary agreement at 7%– is a set price as opposed to a quote, as expenses can sometimes skyrocket due to contract arrangements and also modifications made throughout construction.

Structure contracts are frequently considerably inclined in the home builder’s favour as well as provide clients very few legal rights, so it is important to have actually one evaluated by a lawyer.

According to Spanish law, a building contractor needs to provide a ten-year structural flaw guarantee on his work (15 years if the home builder broke the regards to the contract), and a designer needs to offer a ten-year guarantee on any type of defects arising from substandard guidance, incorrect guidelines offered to the home builder, or problems with the structure, such as decrease.

Problems may develop during structure, specifically when there are faults in the materials.

When problems occur, you generally need to be really patient yet relentless in order to locate fulfilment.

A structural property surveyor ought to inspect a finished structure for flaws as well as create a report about them. If any kind of flaws are located, he should recognize exactly who was to blame for them.

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